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The Cutest Mouse Poo Poem Ever!

Well, it finally happened. I wrote a poem about mouse droppings! I was inspired by all the erm- leavings I found in our family's woodland cabin one autumn!

I hope you love this poem as much as I enjoyed composing it.

Mouse droppings

by Emma Tipping

There's a mouse in this house,

Its droppings are everywhere!

A Tiny scarf upon the railing,

A wee umbrella by the stairs.

I cracked open a closet where

Small socks adorned the floor.

A minuscule newspaper

Was left outside the door!

I put a note outside for them to come

And get all of their loot.

But it seems they moved to Timbuktu,

And took my car to boot!

To read all about how I turned this into an illustrated poem, CLICK HERE or click on the mousy critters below.


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