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I'm so excited to make art with you and share all the fun stuff I've been working on.

Hi Art Lovers!

It's me, Emma.

Children's Book Illustrator
Arts Educator


Welcome to my zone!


Check out my latest illustrations!

We Didn't Learn Math This Way!

A K-5 Guide for the Confused Adult

Check out my illustrations in this awesome resource for parents of elementary school students! Understand how math is being taught today and help your kids excel.

Cover We Didnt Learn Math This Way.png

Praise for Unicorns Fart Rainbows

Omg, this coloring book gave me the silliest, most giggly afternoon with my kids. We had so much fun coloring all the silly pictures. I need more books like this!!


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What's happening in the studio

Fun stuff you won't want to miss!


Pop-up Cards & Hidden Math

As an artist, I use math every day! Read about how angles, parallel lines and fractions snuck their way into my pop-up card project!


That time my zebra went VIRAL!

Check out my "Mystery Animal" video on YouTube that went viral in Spain! You are as surprised as I am my friend. Check out this video and see what all the buzz was about in the twisting streets of Barcelona. 


Art for the holidays!

Whether it's Halloween, Hanukkah or Christmas Eve, I've got some art for you. Check out different artwork I've made to celebrate different holidays over the years.


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About Emma

From class clown to Artrepreneur

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Art & storytelling have always been my "thing". I once got sent to the principal's office for covering my final exam with a comic strip about my chemistry teacher. Now that I'm an adult, I'm CONVINCED that art is something we ALL need!



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