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Indigenous Peoples' Day Illustration!

Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day! In anticipation of this important holiday I put together an illustration...

...and FREE coloring page! I love creating coloring pages. I know that parents are always looking for activities to do with their kids and if they can find free kid's activities then all the better. You can download this free coloring page celebrating Indigenous Peoples' Day here.

I created a FREE coloring page to help families and educators celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day with the children in their lives.
FREE coloring page Indigenous Peoples' Day

There are a ton of important holidays that have been recognized more and more in mainstream culture. These are holidays like Indigenous Peoples' Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Black History Month that shine a light on under represented groups. As a children's book author and illustrator of course the cause of inclusion is near and dear to my heart. Books are where children begin to learn about the values of our society and also where they see concentrated imagery of other human beings. Since that's true, diversity in the children's literature world is the first step towards building a new generation that is loving and accepting not only of others but of themselves! It's so important for illustrators in particular to make sure that we are putting positive images of children into the world who are from under represented demographics. Once coloring pages come into the mix things get even more fun because kids can make their own choices about what the characters they are drawing look like.

So download your FREE coloring page here to celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day!

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