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Healthy kids snack AND funny face?!?!

Suspicious Sandwich or healthy kids snack?!

Lol, these snack faces crack me up! If you're trying to figure out how to make healthy snacks for kids look no further than this fun trick. Just make the snack plate look like a face!

I love this strategy for making healthy kids' snacks because it uses basic cartooning skills. By just using some basic shapes you can create infinite narratives and expressions! First, you need to figure out what food you'll be working with. Here I made peanut butter sandwiches (although any sandwich will do, particularly if kiddo has peanut allergies), apples slices and grapes.

These healthy snacks are fun and entertaining :D

Then, start goofing around to see what shapes you can make from the food you've chosen. Apples are great to draw, I mean, make healthy snacks with because you can turn them into a number of shapes. You can cut them across to make circles or down the center to make crescents. Instant smile/ frown!

The curved sandwich tops and apple slice "smile" create a cheerful expression.

Sandwich halves make instant wide open eyes and halves of grapes make irises! Scoot the grapes and apple slices around so the kids' snacks are "looking" at each other and creating new expressions. Like this:

Healthy kids snack says, "Oh hey, how's it going?!"
Healthy kids snack muses, "Would I like to play soccer? Hmmm, not sure..."

Hope this inspires some fun and healthy kids' snacks in your household!

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