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FINAL ART! Autumn Fairies

Whooo what a fun project this was! I illustrated the extremely cute poem, Autumn Fairies by Sarah Meade and am so happy with how it came out. More info below but first, the final art!

Illustration by Emma Tipping of fairies painting the forest beautiful autumn colors.
Autumn Fairies by Emma Tipping (me!), designed to appear in a Babybug magazine spread.

Illustration of a black gum tree in autumn.
Close up of page 1 featuring a black gum tree and the critters who live there..

Fairies are painting the trees beautiful autumn colors.
Close up of page 2 and those autumn fairies doing their annual graffiti campaign.

I'd love to give a few shout outs to the author of this lovely poem, Sarah Meade, as well as Babybug magazine where it was first featured in October 2022. Also, Michelle Hazelwood Hyde, who has perhaps the best middle name ever, created the original illustration which first caught my eye.

A cute lil fairy just bopping along.

Tap on the fairy

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