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Autumn fairies and... MURDER?!

Illustration of a fairy caught up in some questionable shenanigans.
Whoa dude- what happened to YOU?!

Ok so this is probably better fodder for an Instagram post but it cracked me up and I really just want this in my blog.

I was wrapping up my Autumn Fairies illustration (which you can read more about here if you're wondering what the heck I'm on about) and was at the stage where I show it to my kids. As always, I made sure not to give them any context or information before showing them the piece. I asked my son if he could tell what was going on and do you know what he said?

"So one of the gnomes got murdered?"

WHAT?! MURDERED?! And hold up... gnomes?! My friend, these are fairies and they are innocently painting.

Of course it only took .5 seconds for me to realize that I had chosen to slather the fairy in the final scene with bright red paint. What the heck else would he think that it was?

Upon realizing that I had unwittingly illustrated a murder scene for a children's poem, I immediately pivoted to orange paint. Then I had to goof around with the other fairy's (ie the murderer's!) colors because she didn't really jibe with the new paint color she was wielding. You can check out all my fiddling below:

The O.G. murder scene (oops!)

Didn't like the yellow skin tone with the orange paint

so I made her green...

Then the hat didn't look quite right...

A bit more tweaking..

Add some paint blobs here and there...

and done!

A perfectly innocent scene of two elves engaging in some harmless woodland graffiti.

Case closed.


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