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This is my USA!

In the USA, we are a diverse nation. That is a fact. I am the daughter of a European immigrant and the step daughter of a Mexican-American. I grew up playing, learning and pursuing gleeful hi jinx with kids from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Syria, Germany, Jamaica and more. My tight knit group of friends included kids with parents from Iran, the Philippines and grandparents from China. We were all immigrant families and those families helped raise me. I noticed somewhere along the way that as a white second-generation immigrant, no one ever questioned whether or not "I belonged here" and yet my Puerto Rican friends, citizens since the Jones Act of 1917, had to deal with racist aspersions and antagonism against their language regularly.

The question today is: do we embrace who we are and recognize all our people for their full humanity, their contributions and their potential? Do we reject the idea that only a certain palette of colors on a human body confers value? The America that I love is colorful and vibrant. It is forgiving and honest. It is hard working and vivacious. The America I love laughs together and finds peace in sisterhood and brotherhood. The America I love is a great problem solver who always seeks to be better. It does not hide from reality in the interest of preserving a false set of values. Most of all, in the America I love we take care of each other, we listen to each other and we value each other.

This drawing is for all the kids in our America. It is for the kids with skin the color of cafe con leche, or dark roasted coffee beans. This is for the kids with raven black hair that reflects the sunlight as they play and laugh with their friends, the kids who come from a different place and bless us with their creativity, their vitality and their dreams. This drawing is for my own children whose cheeks are the color of strawberries and cream. They are just one part of a gorgeous palette that we are so lucky to be a part of. This drawing is for you, America. I see you. I am you. I love you. #Vote2020 #USA


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