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In Baboo Bakes 1-2-3, Baboo is angry!

Her friends don’t want to play her game.

Baboo must find a new way to entertain herself.

After discovering a box full of old baking tools Baboo bakes

from 1-10, and remembers what friendship is all about.

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What a pleasure and an honor to be striving for a place in the industry that brought us Peter Spier, LeUyen Pham, Barbara Cooney, Shel Silverstein, Jessica Love, and so many more amazing creators! Working to develop my children's lit style has been one of the most joyful artistic endeavors of my career.

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Business Owner

...and professional artist

I have owned and operated my own successful small business in the arts since 2012. I have experience with serving large volumes of customers, finishing creative projects on tight deadlines, art direction, training young artists, marketing and promotions and more! I'm excited to apply this skill set to my new career as an author and illustrator in children's literature.

Author & Illustrator

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Little Rain Cloud is minding her own business when she encounters a hot headed bully! How will Rain Cloud respond to all the unfair and unkind things this bully has to say?

It takes a long time to bring a new book to market. I created Rain Cloud to keep Baboo & me company while we wait.

Read her story here!

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