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What Illustration can do

Today I watched an amazing conversation between 2 of my favorite contemporary illustrators, LeUyen Pham & Dan Santat. If you haven't heard of them right that wrong immediately. I'll post links to some of their books at the end of this post. They were asked "What do you want from writers?", as in, what resources or notes did they want from the authors of manuscripts they had chosen to illustrate.

They both laughed and essentially said, "Nothing!"

I loved that answer! They went on at length about how important it is for writers (and I assume the professionals editing and printing the books) to be able to trust illustrators to come up with their own take on a story and ADD richness and complexity. Anyway, as I spent the next half hour listening blissfully to rivers of practical wisdom pouring forth from 2 of my professional heroes I sketched up this little trio on my iPad, illustrating the impact that illustration can have.

"The Princess in Black" is one of my favorite series and is illustrated by Pham. It's also beloved by my daughter and son. Please purchase as many copies as your little heart can handle from your favorite local book store!

And of course Santat's Beekle which won the Caldecott Medal. Dang Santat! Get it!!! Also available at your favorite local book seller.


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