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Hispanic Heritage Month giveaway!

Hispanic Heritage Month has arrived! In 1968 September President Johnson kicked off the first HHM week and under President Regan in 1988 this holiday was extended to one month. From September 15 through October 15 we will have ample opportunity to recognize the many contributions of Hispanic people both to the United States and to our global community. Over the years I have had the privilege of visiting or living in Peru, Puerto Rico and Spain. Each country had a distinct and diverse culture with the Spanish language in common. In every country I was welcomed and enjoyed learning about complex histories, current political situations, art histories and most of, discovering oodles of culture and food.

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year I have put together an illustration that celebrates the diversity of the Hispanic world as well as the accomplishments of Hispanic children's book authors. I've decided to offer this illustration as well as an accompanying coloring page FREE to everyone who signs up for my email list between September 15- October 15. Sign up today at the bottom of my Home Page!


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