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Halloween coloring pages with LITERACY word bubbles!

New FREE Halloween coloring pages are here!!!

Blue and green markers rest on top of Halloween coloring pages beside some cute pumpkins
These FREE Halloween coloring pages help with literacy and story telling!

As you may know, my new free Halloween coloring pages are now available! These coloring pages form a fun 2 page narrative and feature 2 cute rabbits, hence their title "Hoppy Halloween" :D.

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I'm particularly excited about these coloring pages because they feature "Write Your Own Story" Literacy Word Bubbles. This is a new element I am tinkering with to help educators and parents encourage kids to practice letters and develop their story telling.

One of the classes I've designed and taught is called Comic Adventures. By far one of the most challenging parts of these classes is helping students figure out the progression of their narratives. The majority of narrative is conveyed in pictures in comic books but where text is used to move the plot along it is almost always in word bubbles.

Here is a list of things that new artists need to take into consideration when filling in word bubbles:

1) Plot progression. How the characters' dialogue impacts the story?

2) Character consistency. What would this character speak like in this situation?

3) How dialogue and facial expressions combine to complete a full expression.

That's a lot of thinking! In my Comic Adventure classes students work through these problems usually through the course of a semester and the results are super exciting and super cool.

A left-handed child is coloring in a coloring page of bunny rabbits with a blue marker.
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That's more work than most parents are able to put in, however. It's also more time-consuming than most teachers are prepared for. Teachers have to get to science and math today too, after all!

So with my "Write Your Own Story" Literacy Word Bubbles I have simplified things. The drawings are done and most of the narrative has been figured out. The emotions are halfway done because facial features and gestures are already in the drawing page. All the kiddos need to do is write in the text! They can consider the story or just enjoy practicing letters! I love this example of an artist who wrote text that supported the plot in the first bubble and in the second bubble just went to town practicing his r's. Awesome!!!

Give your kid a free coloring page and some markers and see what they come up with!

I hope you enjoy coloring these free Halloween coloring pages as much as I enjoyed making them. Please, let me know what you think of the "Write Your Own Story" Literacy Word Bubbles and finally, Hoppy Halloween!!!

If you are already a Studio Newsletter friend a link to your FREE Halloween coloring pages will be in your email inbox on Tuesday, October 20!


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