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Get your FREE Halloween coloring pages!

Graphic advertising new free coloring pages, available when you sign up for my Studio Newsletter!
These cute coloring pages feature "Write Your Own Story" Literacy Word Bubbles!

Thanks for reading this post! This offer has expired.

More free coloring pages have officially dropped! These free Halloween coloring pages are perfect for kids of all ages. I love creating artwork that kids can hold in their hands and go crazy with. Please, scribble all over these Halloween coloring pages, little artists! These coloring pages form a fun 2 page narrative and feature some cute trick or treating rabbits, hence their title "Hoppy Halloween" :D.

Also, stay tuned because I am planning to make a few more coloring pages for Halloween. This will be a Halloween with COVID (a little too spooky if you ask me) so I want to create some kids' Halloween activities that are absorbing, new and low risk. I hope these help all of your parents trying to just make it through each day.

A left-handed child is coloring in a coloring page of bunny rabbits with a blue marker.
Featuring Literacy Word Bubble!
A set of blue markers and cute baby pumpkins frame a free halloween coloring page
More FREE Coloring pages!

I'm particularly excited about these coloring pages because they feature "Write Your Own Story" Literacy Word Bubbles. Read more about this awesome feature HERE.

Hoppy Halloween!


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