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Howdy, Grapes & Ghouls

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Howdy, Grapes & Ghouls is the hilarious debate between 4 friends about whether or not they should welcome a newcomer. They might be a kid-eating ghoul! Or maybe just a grape who's ready to join the bunch. There's one special word that will help them find out but do they have what it takes to say it out loud?!

This picture book features jokes and word play perfect for kids aged 5-8 to enjoy as independent readers or to inspire giggles and conversation in the classroom. Contains lots of fun metaphors and similes that explore the classic topics of making friends, practicing empathy and building a welcoming community.

Howdy, Grapes & Ghouls is a laugh out loud classroom read.
235 words
32 pages

Please contact Emma for the entire dummy book.

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